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New Install DVD available for the new gear box fin system

If you order a install kit for the wood covered boxes you will get a dvd to watch to show you how you can install these before you give your board to the glasser. Check them out here

New balsa container just arrived!

We have just had a complete container with large balsa section sizes arrive in our factory. Our warehouse is stocked to the roof with high quality balsa - very light grade "A" wood.  Now is the time to place an order and start shaping that board you have always dreamed about. Don't worry about the results - your board will turn out great if you folllow our easy instructions available either as a DVD, e-book (instant download!) or printed book. Just browse through the SHAPING section of the menu and we're sure you'll find what you are looking for.

Or maybe have a read through our frequently asked questions section where Mark gives shaping tips, talks about balsa and the advantages it has over paulownia. Have a look by clicking here. - Interview with Mark Riley caught up with Mark to discuss the history behind Riley Balsawood Surfboards, the effects of Clark Foam closing down and how Riley can be the only surfboard manufacturer with a 12 months guarantee on all surfboards - Check out the full interview here.

Interview with Mark Riley on Swellnet

Surfing Life magazine puts Riley board to the test in Telo Island Resort:

When Nick Carroll, Soli and Margeret River Pro trial winner Nathan Hedge asked us to put our boards to a test we couldn't resist. Check out the video below or the board right here..:

New products: liquid surf wax, ding repair patches and railsavers for your SUP

In the last few weeks, we have been scouting for new, innovative products for you. Here are the results:

  • Stomp surfboard wipes: Stop using toxic and flamable liquids to clean your surfboard. Simply use the surfboard wipes from Stomp! Check them out by clicking here...

  • Liquid surf wax: Lick Liquid Surf Wax is a biodegradable surfboard wax which has heaps of advantages compared to your standard wax. Check out the video here...
  • Ding repair patches: The unique thing about the Puka Patch is that it instantly seals dings on surfboards - it sticks to wet surfaces and even surf wax. So if you are having the session of a lifetime and you ding your board...simply apply a Puka Patch and continue your session. Check it out by clicking here...

Shaping supplies:

Many of you are searching for good quality shaping products. Riley supplies you with everything you need to craft your dream surfboard or fin. Check out some highlights below or browse through our "SHAPING" section which you find in the top menu:

  • Fin boxes and leash plugs (wood/timber coloured), fin screw, plate and brass pin.
    We are the only supplier worldwide to offer fin boxes and leash plugs in timber colour. These will give your board a beautiful touch and not spoil the look through black/white boxes. We offer every type of fin boxes from longboard single fin all the way to a quad setup. Of course...we ship worldwide! Go check it out by clicking here

  • Shaping sets
    We offer complete shaping sets (tools are not included) in both foam core and solid construction. Whatever you dream of...we got it. Check out the options here. Please note that we will give you a up to date shipping quote on large products to guarantee the lowest price!
    Click here to see our solid construction shaping kits
    Check out the foam core shaping sets by clicking here

  • Raw balsa
    For all the traditionalists out there we also offer raw balsa wood sticks in large section sizes. We are Australia's leading balsa wood supplier for these large section sizes. We offer both GRADE A Balsa (which is very light and only has very few knots in it) and GRADE B Balsa (a bit heavier and more knots). Check out your options HERE.
    As with the boards please contact for the very best shipping quote prior to ordering your sticks!


Please browse through our shaping section to find everything you need to hand craft your dream board (no limits - from SUP to a fish. We got you covered). In case you can't find what you are looking for simply contact Mark at and we will help you out!


New products:

We are thrilled to have added two new accessory products to our Riley line:

  • Peel 'n' Stick Clear Traction Grip
    Available in nine different sizes and shipping worldwide! Go check it out by clicking here

  • Eco surfboard bags and covers
    Made from Jute and recycled towels, these boardbags will keep your surfboards safe. Available by clicking here

Don't forget to check out the rest of the Riley line - offering everything from finished balsawood surfboards to instructional DVDs, instantly downloadable e-Books and all your shaping needs.

If you have any questions simply contact Mark at

Get to know us!

In case you don't know who we are and what we do exactly...simply check out the following two videos, one hosted by world champ Barton Lynch:


Launch of the new website

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website, full of information, videos and products revolving around balsa wood surfboards. Go check it out yourself!

These highlights await you:

  • video page
  • broad spectrum of products - from shaping sets, instructions all the way to the finished surfboard
  • create a wishlist
  • shopping in a modern webshop

Please note: Shipping on large items such as surfboards, blanks, shaping sets varies greatly depending on destination etc. Simply contact us for an exact shipping quote at

Have fun & all the best

Mark Riley


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